Getting into Web3: A Guide for Developers

Learning resources curated by a real team currently heads-down in the space

Step 0: What is web3?

First, let’s get some definitions down–web3 is a collection of technologies, concepts and design patterns. It’s a new way of thinking about products and software. Some of the concepts are familiar, and already exist in the current development landscape (web2). Some are quite different.

Step 1: Get Up and Running

You’ll want to get a solid foundation in some of the basic ideas and concepts. These resources will be the base on which you’ll build out your personal path.

Step 2: More Specific Resources

The Ethereum Ecosystem

Ethereum is one of the largest blockchain ecosystems out there, and many dapps are built for, or on top of, Ethereum. A great place to start would be the official Intro to Ethereum.


Solidity is the primary language used for smart contracts on Ethereum.


Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Course — Beginner to Expert Python Tutorial For this course, you should have at least a beginner’s understanding of Python. It’s a full 16 hours! Team member Viraj says it’s “a good place to start. It covers the basics of smart contracts and web3py. This course is provided by chainlink and it also covers topics such as off-chain ecosystems and data oracles.”


This thread is a list of “starter kits”: boilerplates and frameworks you can use to build, mostly in Typescript and Javascript.

Our Documentation and Quickstart Guides

If you’d like to dive into what the Valory team is building with Autonolas, start here: this blog post outlines the vision, and how our open middleware layer will allow devs to go beyond the existing limitations of off-chain development to create the next generation of crypto-native apps.

Step 3: Connect with Others


You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating: Twitter is huge for web3 projects, news and community building. If you want to get into this space, you have to be on Twitter. You’ll want to follow at least a few accounts that regularly post about the things you find most interesting.


Discord communities are huge in web3. It’s a good idea to join the Discord for any project or tool you find interesting, and you may also want to check out some of these communities for builders and developers:

Step 4: Time to Build

Once you’re feeling familiar with the tech, get started on your own personal project. Make anything you like that shows off what you’ve learned, what you’re interested in and what makes your approach uniquely yours.

Looking for a more structured pathway?



Autonolas is a platform for developers to build a new breed of autonomous, decentralized applications.

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Autonolas is a platform for developers to build a new breed of autonomous, decentralized applications.