Autonomy is Dead, Long Live Autonomy!

How an open middleware layer will unlock the next level of crypto applications

A Mis-Step on the Path to Autonomy

Off-Chain is Broken

  • can’t do things which require complex processing
  • can’t run continuously
  • can’t talk to things which aren’t on the same blockchain, like external APIs or other chains
  • a DAO/protocol can’t manage its own social media advertising budget
  • an on-chain asset management fund couldn’t run machine learning processes to optimize its trading strategies
  • an on-chain protocol can’t directly get price feeds from centralized exchanges (oracle use-case)
  • There’s no way for an on-chain protocol/DAO to keep its processes private — they’re laid bare for all to see. This seems normal but is wildly out of sync with real-world organizations

Duct Tape Dapps

  1. Individual Bots
  • The costs lie in needing to pay out non-trivial incentives to bot-runners
  • The risk lies in not having significant guarantees that the service will actually continue to run if interest and belief in the project wanes and, as a result, bot runners elect to put their machines to work elsewhere
  • Bot systems which are painful to keep up-to-date as the underlying blockchain software evolves, particularly in an multi-chain environment where even EVM chains fall out of sync
  • Although the underlying bot code is transparent and auditable, nothing else is. For example there is no visibility into how effectively the bots are being run.
  • The risk of services which perform poorly because they’re run by dumb individual bots on web2 servers
  • Burdening humans with high levels of manual input
  • Opaque, unauditable off-chain processes
  • The need to completely develop their own off-chain services, including sets of operators, from scratch
  • Significant financial cost of incentivizing third-party service providers

An Entire Missing Layer in Crypto

  • Solving the problem stretches beyond the realms of traditional disciplines of crypto academia all the way to the established computing paradigm of multi-agent systems
  • Performance and scaling have been the most obvious and critical problems to solve until recently
  • Given the lack of good scaling solutions, the market is yet to focus on shoring up off-chain services as a key concern. As scaling is resolved, we feel this must change

The Autonolas Platform



Autonolas is a platform for developers to build a new breed of autonomous, decentralized applications.

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Autonolas is a platform for developers to build a new breed of autonomous, decentralized applications.